Saatchi Gallery London Serious Talent Artists

Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery of London has recently announced the artists selected for her curated exhibition for the New Year of 2012.  Of those artists and their works I have highlighted here the ones that stand out and apart from the pack as serious talent and they are as follows:

Maria Temnitschka of Vienna, Austria.  Her work entitled “Lost in Time I”.

Alice Brasser of the Netherlands.  Her work entitled “The Wedding”.

Andrea Jancovicova of Vienna, Austria.  Her work entitled “Alteration”.

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez of Miami, Florida, USA.  Her work entitled “Learned Behavior”.


Cecile van Hanja of Haarlem, Netherlands.  Her work entitled “Light Modules”.


Jason Galbut of Miami, Florida, USA.  His work entitled “Hospital”.


Lapo Simeoni of Grosseto, Italy.  His work entitled “ALI/TALIA”.


Stephen Thorpe of the United Kingdom.  His work entitled “False Histories and Confusions in Time 1886”.


Peter Astrom of Helsingburg, Sweden. His work entitled “Oranienburgstrasse, Berlin”.


Guokaijun Guokaijun of ShangHai, China.  His work entitled “Have Meals”.


All of the artists represented here have displayed exceptional expertise in conceptualization and composition.  I invite art critics, curators, art collectors, art students and anyone with a passion for visual arts to comment on the artists works.  

I would like to extend a special invitation to the artists themselves who are represented here to please comment about your work, how you feel about it and what message your art has for the viewer. 

Thank You,

Ava Wright
Private Fine Art Broker
and Member Board of Directors
Milton Art Museum


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