Street Artists Defining Our Times

Controversial, provocative and sometimes illegal, street artists have made their mark in more than one way around the globe by expressing their politics and life philosophies on public buildings and structures.  Highlighted here are some of those artists who choose to utilize public spaces and property in order to have direct access to their audiences and have their art prominently displayed for all to see.


Of the most secretive and provocative is the infamous Britsh street artist known as Banksy.  Banksy has become an urban legend of sorts, yet he is very real.  Below are images of some of Banksy’s most prominent works to date.



Reportedly a photo of Banksy in Jamacia.

Video interview is purportedly with Banksy.

Another video interview purportedly with Banksy as well.  You be the judge.  What do you think?


French artist JR has been one of the most controversial street artists’ of our times.  His work displayed on public buildings, often in ghettos are notoriously political and challenge government control as well as address poverty issues globally.  Below are images of some of his better known works of street art.

A photo of the French Artist JR.

Interview with JR.

Another interview with JR.

Shepard Fairey

Street Artist Shepard Fairey of Boston, Massachusetts, USA made headlines when he was arrested for defacing public property in Boston while on his way to an opening reception for his exhibition in the same city.  Fairey maximized on that opportunity a few years ago by turning it into a marketing bonanza that catapulted him to world wide fame.  Good move Shepard!!

Below are images of some of Shepard Fairey’s street art.

Art work depicting Trevon Martin.

Shepard Fairey’s work depicting President Obama.












Shepard Fairey in a Boston court room a few years ago after his arrest.

Interview with Shepard Fairey in Hollywood talking about an evening excursion to paint.

Another interview with Shepard Fairey.

Street art will continue to impact our global communities with refreshing insights and contribute to our collective consciousness in ways that will not be fully evident to us for decades to come.  To the artists who continue to reach out to us through their street art, we thank you.


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