Short Films Worthy of Recognition: Curated by Ava Wright

Short films are an art genre that gauge cultural, societal as well as creative barometers of a given snap shot in time. 

The following is a collection of short films I have curated that bears witness to our time and how it is interpreted and expressed by film artists, directors and producers of varying levels of expertise in this genre.   

The criteria of which was applied to determine what short films qualified to be presented in this curated edition were: originality, imagination, direction, execution of style, provocativeness, instilling a sense of curiosity and awe in the viewer as well as taking a subject matter and presenting it in a “new way”, a different view through the lens, a different perspective, a new angle or view.

Enjoy this thoughtfully curated collection and please feel free to express your thoughts and impressions of the short films presented.  First in the line up is a short film about the many not so obvious expressions of lust in nature all around us.




Second short film to be presented is raw, powerful beauty.  It is absolutely one of my “Preferred Picks”!  The energy and imagination of the film grabs my attention makes me look at raw, feminine beauty differently.  I was taken aback by this work!  It is inspiring and I can’t forget about it!



Third short film to be presented expresses with lighting and spatial awareness what can be done in film to create mood and instill desire.  Creating intimacy can be difficult in film and this work shows the viewer that attention to the smallest details has a cumulative effect producing emotive button pushing when applied along with all the other well timed nuisances.





Fourth short film presented is by the newly iconic photographer Vivian Maier.  She was an unrecognized artistic genius and while alive she wanted to remain anonomous.  We salute you Vivian! 



The fifth short film presented here is an underwater society, dreamscape that holds the viewer in it’s grip and won’t release you.  Interesting juxtaposition between peaceful blissful state of mind and unexpected, uninvited sexual encounter; then release and solo journey.

The sixth short film is haunting, powerful and poignant.  The direction and execution of this film is uniquely provocative in the sense that the viewer is drawn in, captured if you will, and begs for resolution for the disquieting feeling that settles over you and envelopes you.  Yet you feel that you are a pioneer on a ages old journey.


The seventh short film a fusion of exquisite, romantic visuals of ballet and the rooftop of the Paris Opera House overlooking the City of Lights.  The light is an integral player in the composition of this capture your heart piece of film.

The eighth short film is one of my “Preferred Picks” of all the films presented here.  It is imaginative, captures the viewer’s interest and holds it, provocative, sensual, erotic, visually appealing and the viewer can just feel the sensation of water!

The ninth short film I must confess I was a little hesitant and felt squeamish at first at the idea of viewing but pushed myself to do so and glad that I did.  It was not as I initially imagined and actually I found it pleasantly intriguing and a little amusing to watch.  Yet I feel it is a serious short film that shows true imagination on the part of the film maker, director and producer.  Very well done! 


The tenth short film is “My Favorite Pick” of all the films presented here.  It was filmed in black and white and the images are vivid with sharp contrast between subject and mother nature, the sea, presented with a fluidity and harmony that makes the viewer feel peaceful inside.  




I hope you have enjoyed this first curated edition of short films by Contemporary Art Globally Speaking!  I researched many contemporary short films for this edition and was very cognizant of the refining process during selection trying to remain true to the defining criteria in order to present a collection that represented serious film making talent currently on the globally scene.  I would like to thank the film artists who have worked so diligently on their craft and who provide us with important subject matter to think about and visually entertain and inspire us as well!


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