Architecture and the Home as Art – Part One

Home is the space were we live our most private and intimate lives.  How we choose to create, design and decorate this space speaks volumes to ourselves and the world about how we perceive ourselves in relation to the life we are living.

This segment, part one of a series on the home, architecture and the art of expressing who we are with the sanctuary of our private spaces is a exploration if you will, of the journey we all take to claim and create something of beauty in a manner that validates and pleases us.  We invite our friends into our homes to share our lives with them and in doing so make them part of the living, breathing tapestry that is home.

With that said, please enjoy the visual and auditory journeys into the homes of some of the most creative, intuitive and inspiring home owners from around the globe.




A tree house that transcends the concept of such and creates a sanctuary that invites the outdoors in and provides an ambiance of peace and tranquility nestled in nature and hidden from civilization.




The cathedral ceiling and the floor to ceiling windows create an ethereal ambiance.


The soft earth tones, the tile floor and the archways set the mood, calm, at peace.  The woven chairs add a textured richness to the room that aids in creating interest and visually makes the room pop!

The dark wood and the light shade of marble creates a balance in this kitchen and

the sculpted carved wood imbues character.


The splash of aqua blue compliments the soft mustard tones in this kitchen.  The design of this cozy space induces a feeling of well being and invites intimate conversation over cooking.

Living outdoors and indoors with ease and grace.  Creates a feeling of achievement and all things are possible.


A cook’s dream, this kitchen inspirers.  The utilization of the length of the room and the A frame of the ceiling invokes passion of creativity in the kitchen.  Abundance is the dominating theme in this room.


Last but certainly not least, this elegant contemporary bedroom that creates an air of lightness of being, spaciousness, clean lines and art on the wall that makes a statement about connection to history and eroticism.


This concludes Part One of this series of Architecture and the Home as Art.  I hope that the images of the interiors of some of the most inspiring homes along with the videos have provided my followers with new ideas for creating homes for themselves that give them a sense of peace, tranquility and well being when they walk in the door. 

Thank you for viewing my blog and I look forward to posting for you again.  And as always please feel free to post your feedback and insights about the blog, it is appreciated.  Until next time….be happy and well.


Ava Wright


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