Haute Couture Art

The art form that is haute couture is decadence at it’s finest.  Cloaking the human body as expressed by this art genre provides a hedonistic pleasure and fuels the imagination in a way that no other artistic expression can. 

The following images are a fun, explorative romp of the art genre that is haute couture with a thread of a story weaved among the fashion images.  Enjoy!


1st Image



(Below) New York City fashion model Gigi Haddad



Valentino Couture Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

Above, designer Valentino provides the viewer with his interpretation of ethereal in motion.  This season cloaking the human female form in attire that is so very light and presenting the form as the true beauty in and of itself. 

Below, other designers embrace this season’s expression.










Below, designer Vivienne Westwood’s designs are edgy and also embrace the barely there expression of this genre of the arts.


Vivienne West








(Below) There is no experience on earth like Paris!







The jewelry has it this season.  So very decadent!



In keeping with this season’s theme this bejeweled skirt is richly provocative and chic!







This gown is over the top plush!

Marchesa Spring / Summer 2016 collection at the St. Regis New York for NYFW.

Marchesa Spring / Summer 2016 collection at the St. Regis New York for NYFW.










https56 media tumblr com1266d41c2b3d28494c3a0bb4b5a70cc6tumblr_nr66v0cUSE1qam77jo1_1280










(Below) When the bling is the thing………



Glam, glam, glam………………





(Above and below) Ohhhhh….it is Paris!



(Below)  Off the charts original, inventive, over the top haute couture….lol!!!







https56 media tumblr com07542d36aa0cc589e84d201c105069b2tumblr_nzic6tOs5V1tbjd1xo1_540











In my opinion there really isn’t anything as gorgeous as the female form draped in opulent, rich, plush fur……I know, I know…..it’s not a politically correct thing to say these days but damn!  It’s how I feel.  Sorry to those who don’t agree.











(Below) Manolo Blanhnik shoes….every woman’s dream.



(Below) Designer Giorgio Armani always delights with innovative and fantasy driven designs as well as chic street wearable designs.



Again…..when it’s all about the bling!






(Below) Gigi Haddad, the “It Girl” of our time in the fashion industry delights us with eye popping color out on the street!


There is nothing like “clean, crisp lines” in pure, winter white, a whole other elevated level of chic!


(Below) There just isn’t anything as delightfully intriguing as someone who is beautiful and appears mysterious.

https41 media tumblr com8bfb810fdf277e6cf63226aede6393d6tumblr_nxwo8xyM7i1rfbq7do1_1280



In closing I would like to thank my blog viewers for their loyalty.  I hope you have enjoyed this posting, I know that highlighting the fashion industry in my blog is a very different approach for me to take while reviewing contemporary art as my subject but I honestly feel that haute couture is indeed very much contemporary art and an art that we wear every day.  I hope the story I weaved between these most of note worthy designer fashions provided an inspiring imaginative visceral adventure for you.

I would also like to dedicate this posting of “Haute Couture Art” to a most grand lady of the fashion world…now retired model Ingmar Lamy.




Lots of Love,

Ava Wright














People Everywhere

To look into someone’s eyes for the first time is to see them with your purest perception of them.  Our senses send our brains hundreds of messages within moments of first looking at someone, hearing their voice and becoming cognizant of their scent.  The setting and circumstances under which you first see them along with voice timber, intonations and inflections construct an even more elaborate and detailed profile for our unconscious reference system.  After that initial moment we will never view them with an unfettered lens of perception ever again.

What is to follow is my presentation of the faces of “people everywhere”, view them and look into their eyes for the first time and enjoy imagining who they are……what their lives are like…..what their life experiences have been……who do they love….who has loved them, hurt them…..made their lives richer. Look at their faces and enjoy your journey imagining about them.








































































































































































Dance Couple



Ava Y4


Thank you ……..I hope you enjoyed viewing the faces of the many people that graced this blog posting.  Some of the people here are complete strangers to me, others I have known for many years.  If you are one of those people that I have been so incredibly fortunate to have met in my life time, please know that I am grateful.  Please also know that I selected a photo of you because you are one of those people when walking into a crowded room everyone notices you.  You are fortunate to possess that special quality that attracts other people to you instantly.  I felt that viewers and followers of the blog around the globe will look into your eyes …..try to image who you are….what your life is like and if they are lucky they will see a glimmer of that special essence that I saw the first time …..I…..looked into your eyes and began my journey ….to know you.

I love you all,


Rick Berry: Human Evolution 21st Century

Rick Berry’s multi-faceted perspective in his work transcends the concept of abstract painting of the human form.  His interpretation of human evolution, arriving at a point in time of advanced communications, robotics, gene splicing, the stuff of sci-fi are not aspirations of the distant future; we as a race are walking through that gateway now! 

Our communication advancements are changing how we live and interact with each other globally within seconds each and every day.  The impact of this evolution is reconfiguring our humanity internally on a massive global scale without our conscious awareness. 

As quickly as a thought enters our minds we are capable of transmitting that very thought instantaneously, globally!  We do so casually and effortlessly multifple times daily.  Our perceptions of what we are capable of doing have altered our reality of daily living. 

Our minds are now wired differently, an enormous paradigm shift has occurred and internal changes working in concert with that re-wiring are beyond our grasp and therefore beyond our control.   The inner workings of human evolution on a higher plateau.

2nd Image

3rd Image

4th Image

5th Image

Interviewing the artist Rick Berry the evening of his Preview Party Thursday, September 26, 2013 was unusual in the respect that the conversation was instantly engaging, animated, scientific and philosophical.  This was not a shy bird I was dealing with like so many other interviews where I find myself working to draw the artist out to gain access to how that person thinks.  Oh no, not this interview.  What I found was a man who had the ability to delve quickly into the depths of intense, thought provoking subjects far beyond anything to do with the average person’s interpretation of the human form in art. 




Berry’s forward thinking and expression of that thinking is hauntingly transposed through his medium.  I highly recommend viewing Berry’s exhibition even to those who prefer the representational art genre.  His work extends a bridge between representational and abstract genres that can be crossed, pondered and intellectually as well as emotively explored.

Rick Berry Solo Exhibition – September 27, 2013 through October 16, 2013.

Sloane Merrill Gallery – 75 Charles Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114 USA www.sloanemerrillgallery.com – (617) 227-1775


Sculptor Rona Pondick: Fragmentation, Contradictions and Psychological Layering

The Opening Reception at Sonnabend Gallery in New York city on March 23, 2013 was extremely well attended with a touch of electricity in the air!  The New York sculptor Rona Pondick continues to challenge our logical sensibilities and surprise us delightfully and disturbingly, as usual.  Pondick’s latest work, White Beaver, Wallaby to name a couple, like Pondick’s earlier work, mesmerize and baffle us and yet we feel drawn in and compelled to wrestle with comprehension. 

Elements of the ancient have always been present in her work, yet her sculptures are of this time, this age.  Pondick’s ability to manipulate materials, stainless steel one of them, sets her apart in her genre.  Her sculptures created wth the illusion of skinlike textured human limbs and blended with mirror shiny steel surface animal bodies, tree trunks and branches have made her “hybrids” her signature.  Pondick explained in a recent interview with me that all the creatures “are her”, they are all “parts of her”. 

Pondick herself is warm, gracious and gentle.  Physically slight with large bright eyes and an inviting smile you find yourself caught off guard by the sense of an undercurrent of a very strong persona, a little elusive and very much in control.  Like her work, she draws you in, you know there is so much more there but she is not giving you all the answers……like life, there are just some things you need to discover for yourself……in time.

Wallaby AW image

Pondick Wallaby 02

Artist Rona Pondick – Wallaby – 2007 – 2012 Stainless Steel Edition of 3 – 24″ x 44 3/8″ x 10 7/8″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Pondick White Beaver 02

Artist Rona Pondick – White Beaver – 2009 – 2011 Painted Bronze Edition of 13″ x 31 1/2″ x 9 1/4″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

white beaver AW image

My interview with the sculptor Rona Pondick at Sonnabend Gallery in New York City one hour before the Opening Reception of her current exhibition on March 23, 2013.  Rona discusses her process with me as well as her relationship to the creatures “hybrids” she creates.  A personal and engaging encounter with the artist.



Pondick Ginko 02

Artist Rona Pondick – Ginko – 2007 – 2012 Stainless Steel Edition of 3 – 57 3/4″ x 33 3/4″ x 41″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend GAllery, New York


Artist Rona Pondick – Head in Tree – Stainless Steel Edition of 3 plus 1 AP – 105″ x 42″ x 37″ – 2006 – 2008

My interview below was with Barbara MacAdams the Deputy Editor of Art News just before the Opening Reception of Rona Pondick’s exhibition on March 23, 2013 at Sonnabend Gallery.  Barbara has known Pondick for several years and shares her insights about the artist and her work.


Pondick sm head and finger AW image

Pondick Prairie Dog 01

Artist Rona Pondick – Prairie Dog – 2011 – 2013 Stainless Steel Edition of 3 4 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

My interview with Dakin Hart, Senior Curator of Noguchi Museum discussing the anatomical elements of Rona Pondick’s sculptures and what sets her work apart from other sculptors in the contemporary art world right now.


Additional work on exhibition at Sonnabend Gallery until May 4, 2013 below.

Pondick Dwarfed White Jack 01

Artist Rona Pondick – Dwarfed White Jack 2010 – 2012 Painted Bronze Edition of 3 – 18 1/2″ x 35″ x 23 1/2″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Pondick Dwarfed White Jack 02

Pondick Navel

Artist Rona Pondick – Navel – 2008 – 2010 Painted Bronze Edition of 3 – 7 3/16″ x 11 1/4″ x 11 1/4″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Pondick Pillow Head 01

Artist Rona Pondick – Pillow Head – 2009 Painted Bronze Edition of 3 – 10 1/4″ x 14 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ – Courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Exhibition through May 4, 2013 at Sonnabend Gallery – 536 West 22nd Street, New York, New York 10011 USA

www.sonnabendgallery.com / the artist www.ronapondick.com

In closing I want to personally thank Rona Pondick, Barbara MacAdams and Dakin Hart for their most informative and enjoyable interviews with me.  It was truly a pleasure.


Ava Wright – Commentator and Blogger – Contemporary Art Globally Speaking

Impactful Contemporary Artists Who Left Us in 2012

 Hans Josephsohn died in 2012. This Swiss sculptor created contemporary work that earned him a place amongst the most acclaimed artists of our times.

Hans Josephsohn created sculpture of the human form that expressed a raw emotion.

Hans Josephsohn created sculpture of the human form that expressed a raw emotion.

Sculpture - Hans Josephsohn.

Sculpture – Hans Josephsohn.


David Weiss, collaborated on provocative contemporary art with Peter Fischli. David will be missed.

David Weiss, collaborated on provocative contemporary art with Peter Fischli. David will be missed.

Installation collaboration between David Weiss and Peter Fischli.

Installation collaboration between David Weiss and Peter Fischli.

Also, David Weiss died this year after leaving behind some of the most powerful collaborative artistic work with Peter Fischli. David will be missed.

Mike Kelley of Los Angeles, California died in 2012. He leaves a legacy of poignant work.  He will be missed.

Mike Kelley of Los Angeles, California died in 2012. He leaves a legacy of poignant work. He will be missed.


Retrospective work from Mike Kelley.

Retrospective work from Mike Kelley.

Street Artists Defining Our Times

Controversial, provocative and sometimes illegal, street artists have made their mark in more than one way around the globe by expressing their politics and life philosophies on public buildings and structures.  Highlighted here are some of those artists who choose to utilize public spaces and property in order to have direct access to their audiences and have their art prominently displayed for all to see.


Of the most secretive and provocative is the infamous Britsh street artist known as Banksy.  Banksy has become an urban legend of sorts, yet he is very real.  Below are images of some of Banksy’s most prominent works to date.



Reportedly a photo of Banksy in Jamacia.

Video interview is purportedly with Banksy.

Another video interview purportedly with Banksy as well.  You be the judge.  What do you think?


French artist JR has been one of the most controversial street artists’ of our times.  His work displayed on public buildings, often in ghettos are notoriously political and challenge government control as well as address poverty issues globally.  Below are images of some of his better known works of street art.

A photo of the French Artist JR.

Interview with JR.

Another interview with JR.

Shepard Fairey

Street Artist Shepard Fairey of Boston, Massachusetts, USA made headlines when he was arrested for defacing public property in Boston while on his way to an opening reception for his exhibition in the same city.  Fairey maximized on that opportunity a few years ago by turning it into a marketing bonanza that catapulted him to world wide fame.  Good move Shepard!!

Below are images of some of Shepard Fairey’s street art.

Art work depicting Trevon Martin.

Shepard Fairey’s work depicting President Obama.












Shepard Fairey in a Boston court room a few years ago after his arrest.

Interview with Shepard Fairey in Hollywood talking about an evening excursion to paint.

Another interview with Shepard Fairey.

Street art will continue to impact our global communities with refreshing insights and contribute to our collective consciousness in ways that will not be fully evident to us for decades to come.  To the artists who continue to reach out to us through their street art, we thank you.