Rick Berry: Human Evolution 21st Century

Rick Berry’s multi-faceted perspective in his work transcends the concept of abstract painting of the human form.  His interpretation of human evolution, arriving at a point in time of advanced communications, robotics, gene splicing, the stuff of sci-fi are not aspirations of the distant future; we as a race are walking through that gateway now! 

Our communication advancements are changing how we live and interact with each other globally within seconds each and every day.  The impact of this evolution is reconfiguring our humanity internally on a massive global scale without our conscious awareness. 

As quickly as a thought enters our minds we are capable of transmitting that very thought instantaneously, globally!  We do so casually and effortlessly multifple times daily.  Our perceptions of what we are capable of doing have altered our reality of daily living. 

Our minds are now wired differently, an enormous paradigm shift has occurred and internal changes working in concert with that re-wiring are beyond our grasp and therefore beyond our control.   The inner workings of human evolution on a higher plateau.

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Interviewing the artist Rick Berry the evening of his Preview Party Thursday, September 26, 2013 was unusual in the respect that the conversation was instantly engaging, animated, scientific and philosophical.  This was not a shy bird I was dealing with like so many other interviews where I find myself working to draw the artist out to gain access to how that person thinks.  Oh no, not this interview.  What I found was a man who had the ability to delve quickly into the depths of intense, thought provoking subjects far beyond anything to do with the average person’s interpretation of the human form in art. 




Berry’s forward thinking and expression of that thinking is hauntingly transposed through his medium.  I highly recommend viewing Berry’s exhibition even to those who prefer the representational art genre.  His work extends a bridge between representational and abstract genres that can be crossed, pondered and intellectually as well as emotively explored.

Rick Berry Solo Exhibition – September 27, 2013 through October 16, 2013.

Sloane Merrill Gallery – 75 Charles Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114 USA www.sloanemerrillgallery.com – (617) 227-1775


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